Qubes was founded in January 2014 and is a proud member of QGroup



 Consulting for a new generation

Q – more than a company group. It is the next generation approach to professional consulting.

The Q approach for Clients 

  • We are truly specialised. Each subsidiary is devoted to their core business only. This ensures state of the art domain knowledge.
  • Through proactive recruitment we hand pick the top percentage of consultants. All our consultants are headhunted for their skill, reputation and ambition. Our consultants make the difference.
  • We are open, easy to work with and non protectionistic.

The Q approach for Employees 

  • Together we build your career! Explore your consultant professionalism through the Quest™ and learn to know and develop your Professional Reputation™.
  • No anonymity – We make you, your potential and your competence visible to the world.
  • Be a member of the next generation consultants; specialised, ambitious and passionate.